Maxie B, Phoenix....As a historian I was fascinated by the many references he made to particular people, places
and events and his own perceptions/impressions of them...The book provides an inspiring and honest look at how
the human spirit is sustained in an environment of death, destruction and loss.  
World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN
Art, Tempe, AZ.....Chappie was nothing like I expected...most fascinating thing I have read about the war because it
told me things about what it was really like over there on a daily basis and not just the "big" things. It really gives
me a new appreciation of those men.

Bob, Chandler, AZ....I just finished Chappie and thouroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. I appreciated the
perspective...have read a lot on WWII but never from a chaplain' eyes.    

Roberta Thames,  AL....I just finished reading Chappie World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN... It was so
interesting that I had a hard time putting it down. This book is so enlightening about war, the feelings of the soldiers,
"Chappie's" love for our Lord, and his testimony to the GIs in practicing what he preached. I felt the beauty he saw,
even among the sadness and ruin. It made me realize even more vividly, what our troops are going through today.  

C.L, PA...WOW! I bought Chappie as a gift for my brother and decided to read it before I sent it to him. I loved it so
much that I had to buy another one for him so I could keep this for me. It reads almost like fiction...felt like I got to
know the people in the book.                                                                                                                                  
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Midwest Book Review
Reviewer: Richard N. Larsen

  • This awesome diary of Combat Chaplain Alton E. Carpenter, lovingly transcribed by his daughter A. Anne Eiland follows
    "Chappie" from the landing at November 8th 1942 in French Morocco in North Africa, through the landing at Sicily July
    10th 1943 and finally the D-Day landing on Omaha Beach in France, June 6th 1944.

  • The Diary begins June 4th 1942, with Chaplain Carpenter's entry into the military and continues on to August 16th 1945
    as he left Europe for home.

  • The diary is very personal with opinions, not always in agreement with "official reports." "Chappie" comments on
    George Patton, Dwight Eisenhower and a myriad of World War II personalities.

  • This diary, along with Ms Eiland's additional biography of her father, cries out to be read. It is a fascinating daily account
    of World War II Africa and Europe, up front and personal, the way "Chappie" saw it, more than sixty years ago.The
    original 9X6 notebook-diary on which this book is based, is carefully preserved by his family.

  • The many photographs were candid shots taken by "Chappie" and give the feel of the times. It seems like only
    yesterday.For all who have interest in World War II history, to those who like to read diaries, and anyone else who
    enjoys a good read, I recommend this book.
R.E. Man, Phoenix....I am an avid reader of history in general and the Twentieth Century in particular. Chappie
World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN
ranks among the finest of the innumerable works that I have read. As
the author said, it is an account of "...the events of battle as they occurred, not necessarily as historians may have
later recorded them.    

Junior High
High School
Veterans & Active
Military Personal
Author sharing Chappie's story
with high school students who
were studing WWII.
Lacey,  a student in Phoenix...It was so interesting. I learned so many new things! I love Chappie. Some of my friends who are
studying WWII are reading it too!
Megan B,  a parent in Phoenix... Thank you so much for coming and sharing your father's experiencesl My daughter loves to
bring Chappie along on our many car rides (with 3 teenagers) and read us excerpts! I can't wait to read it on my own!
Dave, PA...My father was in WWII and he was in many of the same places as Chappie. He never talked about his experiences,
so reading Chappie really helped me to see what it was like for him during the war. Thank you for publishing your father's diary.
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