World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN
chappie author
Chappie author
Alton E. Carpenter 1906-1992

Alton E. Carpenter, born in Louisiana, graduated from Louisiana State University and
earned his Th.D. from the New Orleans Theological Seminary. He served as a Baptist
minister in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arizona for 36 years, served three years during
World War II as a combat chaplain, and taught religion for four years at Arizona State
University. In 1968 he became the President of Scottsdale Memorial Hospital in
Scottsdale, Arizona, retiring in 1976 to serve on its board as president emeritus until
1992. For his innovative leadership in creating quality healthcare for Scottsdale, he
received many honors, including a medal for distinguished Public Service by the
Maricopa County Medical Society in 1971, and in 1994 he was named to the Scottsdale
Hall of Fame Historymakers. Dr. Carpenter wrote several books, including a textbook
for his A.S.U. course.

He kept a diary during his time in combat, and it was this diary that formed the basis for
the book,
Chappie World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN.
A. Anne Eiland

Anne Eiland, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, lived in various parts of the south
before moving to Houston, Texas, where she was a teacher for 28 years. A graduate
of Baylor University, she now lives in Arizona, is a freelance writer and professional
photographer, and enjoys sharing
Chappie with both students and adults. She is a
member of the Arizona Book Publishers Association. Her interest in history has
always been there, and this book presented the perfect opportunity to share her
father's personal daily accounts of one of the most historically significant events of
the 20th Century. Anne and her father worked together on the manuscript for
Chappie World War II Diary of a Combat CHAPLAIN, and he left her with
instructions to see that the book was completed after his death.

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